Welcome to the Claw campaign.
This campaign is very loosely based on GURPS Traveller. This is a GURPS tech level 10 sci-fi setting where ships travel faster than the speed of light, but communications does not. Magic, Psionics, Religion and almost anything else included in the GURPS rule books is present somewhere in this campaign. That doesn’t mean you can start with it unless you can convince me, the GM, with a very good character background which fits into my campaign. This is a very high powered campaign. However, the threats you face are sublte and powerful in their own right.

The space the characters know is ruled by the Imperium, a feudal society which is based in law instead of divine right. The characters are part of the Imperial Scout Secret Service working indirectly for the Emperor against real and imagined threats. The key hear is “Secret Service”, you have a very powerful patron and can do a lot of independant work, but you are accountable and you are expected to keep a low profile. What you do the citizens of the Imperium do not need to know about.

Beyond the Claw