Personal Equipment



These are the items each character starts the game with free.

Characters Equipment
Vacc Suit: nanoweave armor, short range radio, magnetic boots and gloves, medscanner (internal), waste relief system, radiation alarm, water and concentrated food system, suit patches. Self sealing, regenerating bioplastic; Helmet: Heads up Display, tiny computer, multiview visor, psi-shield, inertial compass.
Hand Computer: High capacity, quantum, hardened, rugged, inertial compass, holocom, scrambler, and recorder.
Personal Basics: Grooming needs, sonic probe (restricted on some worlds), CredCard (1000 Imperials)
Weapons: Two weapons of Tech level 9 or lower must be approved by G.M.
Emergency Med kit
Implants Allowed: Advanced Comm. Implant, Bionic Gill, Neural Interface, Contact Lens Implants (Infra Red, Light Intensification, anti-glare), Filter Implant.


Personal Equipment

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