Character Creation

Start with 18, 16, 14 and 12 and arrange as you like. You may change the points, but these are all you can initially put into stats.
Adjust for racial template.
Humansget +2 added to the stat of their choice.

Advantages, Disadvantages, Perks and Quirks
I’m pretty free with this, but anything you get must be justified with a background and at least a nod to logic and reason. This incluces alien templates. If you have a role playing idea that’s great, but if you are making a combat monster it’s not so great. This is where it is possible to boost a stat above 18. To do so you must get special permission from the Game Master (me) and remember that eery advantage probably has a commensurate disadvantage. If you are a huge dragon beast from Altair Prime it’s going to be hard to fit into vehicles and vacc suits. I will use the disadvantages in interesting ways against you. It’s the purpose of disadvantages, the enjoyment of the GM.

The same as above, you must justify them.

This is the Imperium; it is a feudal based society. Ships travel faster than light, but communications doesn’t. Hence feudalism works well. The Imperium rules the space between the planets, not the planets themselves which are free to do what they want within certain restrictions. For example oppressive tyrants are fine. Oppressive tyrants who interrupt Imperial trade get replaced.

Campaign Specific Advantages and Disadvantages
Disadvantage: Enemy, (The Organization) appears on a 9 or less, utterly formidable (40 points)
The shadowy syndicate known as “The Organization” is the largest criminal empire ever to exist. Its influence streatches through nearly all interstellar states. The Imperium is only beginning to realize theat a single organization is behind centuries of crime. The “Big O” domintates interstellar drug trifficking, gun running, slave trading, the black market and murder for hire.
On many worlds, criminal activities require the approval of the Organization – with a piece of the action going to the syndicate. On any world with a population ofmore than a few hudred, there’s likely to be an Organization contact. Organization VIPs live like royalty, often on syndicate controlled worlds where crime bosses are total dictators. The Organization also sponsers sanctuary worlds (worlds with no extradition treaties).
The organization is a combination of the Japanese Yakuza, American Mob, Italian Mafia, Chinese Tongs and Russian Balayka.

Disadvantage: Secret (ISSS Agent) possibility of death. (30 Points)

Disadvantage: Duty (ISSS Agent) frequency almost always, extremely hazardous. (40 Points)

Advantage: Patron (Imperial Secret Service) minimal intervention, extensive political, military and social ppower, starting wealth above character level, secret. (20 Points)

Character Creation

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